Tour du Mont Blanc: Variants

The variants of the Tour du Mont Blanc offer hikers a unique and personalized experience, allowing them to explore less frequented trails and discover breathtaking landscapes not always visible on the classic route. These variants, which include passages through the Col de Tricot, the Fenêtre d’Arpette, and the Col des Fours, are often more demanding in terms of elevation and terrain but also provide an additional reward in terms of panoramic views and tranquility.

Choosing to take a variant on the Tour du Mont Blanc can be motivated by several factors. Some hikers seek to avoid crowds and enjoy a more solitary experience in nature. Others are attracted by the additional physical challenge these more difficult routes present. Finally, some hikers choose a variant simply for the unique beauty of the landscapes it offers.

However, it’s important to note that not all variants are suitable for all hikers. Before choosing a variant, it’s essential to properly assess your physical abilities and mountain hiking experience. Additionally, it’s recommended to check the weather and trail conditions before embarking on a variant, as some can be dangerous in bad weather or persistent snow.

Ultimately, the variants of the Tour du Mont Blanc offer an incredible opportunity to deepen your connection with the mountains and experience a truly unique adventure. Whether you’re looking for an additional challenge, a more peaceful experience, or just new breathtaking views, the variants of the Tour du Mont Blanc have much to offer.


Variant through the Fenêtre d’Arpette

The Fenêtre d’Arpette, perched at 2,665 meters altitude in the canton of Valais in Switzerland, is a mountain pass offering a stimulating challenge for hikers of the Tour du Mont-Blanc. Despite its steep slope and cumulative elevation gain, it rewards hikers with breathtaking panoramas, notably of the Trient Glacier and the Émosson Lake.


Variant of the Col des Fours

The variant through the Col des Fours is an attractive option for hikers on the Tour du Mont Blanc looking to add an additional challenge to their adventure. Located at 2,665 meters altitude, the Col des Fours is the highest point of the Tour du Mont Blanc, offering spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding valley. This variant, although more demanding, allows avoiding the hamlet of Les Chapieux and offers an almost lunar landscape, contrasting with the greener trails of the classic route.


Variant of the Col de Tricot

The Col de Tricot is a popular variant of the Tour du Mont Blanc that offers a unique and memorable hiking experience. Situated at an altitude of 2,120 meters, this pass offers exceptional panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys below. This variant is particularly appreciated for its physical challenge and breathtaking scenery. Starting from Les Houches, hikers cross this pass before descending towards the Refuge de Miage.